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We Are Proud To Announce Our Online Cremation Service Area in Mid Missouri

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Million Taylor Funeral Home has been proud to serve the Moberly, Higbee,
and surrounding communities for nearly 69 years
and is now proud to announce the following:

We have launched an expansion of services including becoming the original online provider of cremation & funeral services and merchandise in the Mid Missouri area which now includes a 40 mile area around the Moberly and surrounding communities.

We started our online store to provide an affordable alternative to traditional cremation & funeral pricing. Our convenient online arrangement process provides a practical approach to arranging cremation services. All the necessary arrangements for cremation can now be handled online right here from our website, and you can complete the necessary forms, authorizations, and select an appropriate cremation package in under twenty minutes.

Our low cost cremation pricing is only available by completing the online arrangements and not available through a visit to the funeral home. For your peace of mind, we are fully licensed by the state of Missouri, and our cremations are performed at the most reputable and trusted crematory in the Mid Missouri area. We are proud to have them as our crematory provider as they are locally owned.

Our professional team has extensive experience in handling cremation arrangements. We are confident that you will find our services to be unequalled by any of our competitors at any price.

    We are committed to providing excellent service at an affordable cost.  Below is a list of the communities that we have expanded to serve:


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