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A comment on our recent event and community involvement from Facebook:

Lisa Field 320 S. Williams St. Boonville MO Cairo Cairo MO Callao MO Centralia Centralia MO Clark Clifton Hill MO Columbia MO Comparison Shop Cremation Comparison Shop Funeral Cremation Excello MO Fayette MO Funeral Funeral Director Funeral Home Higbee Higbee MO Huntsville Huntsville MO Jacksonville Jacksonville MO Macon Macon MO Madison Madison MO Mexico MO Middle Grove MO midmoplanning Million Taylor Missouri Moberly Moberly MO Paris Paris MO Prairie Hill MO Renick Renick MO Service Services Spring Fling Thomas Hill MO Veterans

I enjoyed my tour during your Spring Fling. I fell in love with some of your furnishings and the color and lighting is such a welcome change. I was privileged to participate in the Spring Fling representing Valley View through a booth. We were placed besides a lovely couple representing the Alzheimer's Association. I first heard this couples story at the MACC Art Show, a wonderful event which I believe was also sponsored by your home. I enjoyed talking with them and left feeling very inspired by their story that afternoon. I enjoyed the public coming through and meeting new resources. Just wanted to let you know your community involvement is noticed and appreciated.

Sherry McMillian

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