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Service after the service isn't just a motto, its a lifestyle.

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You may have noticed we don't have a "reviews section" on our Facebook page. We believe our service after the service speaks for itself.  Here are some of the posts from our Facebook page ( that were unsolicited responses to our general posts:

Regarding donating cakes to Mark Twain Assisted Living:

Cara Taylor Souder My grandma is a resident at Mark Twain and her roommate is Mrs Mary Jo. I can't tell you how much these acts of kindness mean to not only those that live there, but their family members, too. The daily routine needs a bright spot & change of pace occasionally. THANK YOU for bringing a smile to their faces!!

In response to a Facebook post about tailoring services to individuals:

Vinnie Siebuhr You all do great job you all talk to the family and that helps a lot god bless you all
....a Facebook post about talking about what you want in a celebration of life:
Marla Rogers So, so true. Unfortunately in many cases people don't record their wishes and it is so hard for those left behind. It's really heart breaking for all the loved ones left behind especially the kids. We are so thankful DW had his arrangements taken care of and when the time comes so does my Dad and Mother N Law. My Family has talked about this and I want to make it easier on my Kids and Family so they don't have to worry about that! I would never leave them clueless. It's hard enough to lose someone. I recommend Million Taylor Funeral Home as they have been wonderful for our family more then once. One thing we know is... it will happen and we never know when it will. Please talk to all of your loved ones about this and record it, otherwise it may not end up as you had hoped for. It is all apart of life. Love and God bless! ??
This one was a comment on new renovation updates:
Vicki Smith and awesome people managing it. million taylor funeral home cares for their people as they go through the grief, thanks a lot Chrissy and CAREY FOR ALL THE HELP U GAVE US.
Comments on Christy posting why she enjoys helping others on Facebook:
Audreyand Jamar Nabors You are a amazing person and we thank you for what you do. And for what you have helped with our family
Vickie Ancell You do a wonderful job .so kind and helpful to our family when Marvin passed .Thank you .
Dora Dennis You are awesome and helped my family and myself thru a very difficult time.
....on a post about dealing with the living more than the deceased:
Sarah Davis-matheis You did an awesome job taking care of my dad and us ty so much
....on a post about creating something unique:
Lenda Toeniskoetter You guys are Awesome. Million Taylor has almost always done my family's funeral,the most recent was my uncle,Kenny Vittetoe. Even though he was cremated
Post on our Facebook page of thanks:
Thank you so very much for the beautiful Christmas ornament with Dave's picture on it. I was so sorry to have missed the memorial service because of a previously planned day in St. Louis with my granddaughter. Carey and Christy, you and your staff were so helpful on so many levels when Dave passed away. Your preparation for and help at the church for the memorial service were beyond measure. The emotional support and aftercare are still phenomenal. You are such an asset to our community. Heartfelt thanks to all of you at the funeral home. 
Julie Fray and family
Million Taylor Funeral Homes Moberly Missouri The conclusion of the funeral isn't the conclusion of our service.  Christy Coulston Funeral Cremation Mid Missouri
And the comments on this?:
Beth Dennis Yes, you are!!
Linda Grimsley Rogers And this is so true. They are awesome then & always afterwards forever.
Dora Dennis To help me afterwards they are awesome
Dora Dennis I can certainly vouch for that because they did continue
Give us a call and become part of the Million Taylor family today at 660-263-0234.  Feel at home knowing you're taken care of.

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