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Then and from the 40's and now

Lisa Field 320 S. Williams St. Boonville MO Cairo Cairo MO Centralia Centralia MO Choices Clark Clark MO Clifton Hill MO Columbia Columbia MO Comparison Shop Cremation Comparison Shop Funeral Cremation Excello MO Fayette MO Funeral Funeral Home Higbee Higbee MO Huntsville Huntsville MO Jacksonville Jacksonville MO Macon Macon MO Madison Madison MO Mexico MO Middle Grove MO midmoplanning Million Taylor Missouri Moberly Moberly History Moberly MO Paris Paris MO Prairie Hill MO Renick Renick MO Service Services Thomas Hill MO Veterans

I came across this today and we think the top picture is from just after the original business opened here in the late 40's. The bottom picture is more recent. You can tell there were a few additions made over the years, windows built in, ramps added, etc., but I can report that the arched window is still intact within an interior wall just inside the entryway. Alot of history in this building....

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