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Comparison Shopping 101 - Getting to Know Your Funeral Director

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Our funeral directors at Million Taylor always make time to go over pricing and options available to our guests pre-planning their services.  Their years of experience at guiding customers through the process makes their consultations second to none.  How many of us know the ins and outs of the basics of purchasing a funeral service?  In this series we plan to help educate you on what you may encounter along your path in price shopping competitor pricing in the funeral industry.  

We hope by the end of this blog series, you feel confident knowing you can make an informed decision, as well as feel confident in knowing your family and wishes will be taken care of according to your planning.  Two factors usually drive your decision as a consumer to choose a specific funeral home:  cost and comfort.  In the first installment of this series, we will take a look at the less technical aspect....comfort.

No one likes going to the doctor or dentist.  Most people don't go unless they need something taken care of.  You may price shop health care providers for services, a certain procedure, and find a wide variety of pricing for the same service.  For instance, if you have something happen that requires incision and stitches, would you only pick the cheapest provider?

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Let's take three examples:  a convenience clinic that is part of a large corporation, a non-profit clinic, and your local physician/family doctor.  Typically, you'd assume the two "corporate" choices would be cheaper and easier.  However, you may find yourself being taken care of by someone with little to no experience in what you need done, and follow-up would be handled by someone else that looks at a chart to figure out what you are there for that day.  You get the bill and its got codes and charges you didn't expect, so you call and get a billing department that re-routes you and in the end, you are still paying the bill.  And you never see the providers around town, because most actually live outside of the community and commute in and out to work.

In choosing a local physician, however, you may think it is the most expensive avenue to take, so not the one you want to afford.  However, what that choice gives you is personalized service, never having to go over your life history over and over, and getting follow-up care.  Often times, owning their own practices, they can cut a patient's costs by not over-charging because they keep their own costs low.  Plus, they usually even ask how the family is and know them all by name.  They probably have been in practice for years, you see them out in the community, kids may be in activities or school sports together, and you shop in the same store.  They are most likely more involved in community betterment and donate time and money to local organizations to improve the place that you live in.

So, cheapest may not always be best.  Feeling comfortable with who is taking care of you is just as much or more important than price.  A lot of people get caught up in asking what a casket costs, or how much to cremate a loved one, but how many actually interview their funeral service provider?  Getting to know your funeral director should be a big part of making your purchasing decision.  You should feel part of the family and feel comfortable that your family will be taken care of like neighbors or friends, not like Contract #22 or their "10:00 am on Thursday".  

Million Taylor Funeral Homes, Funeral Services, Cremation Services, Moberly, Missouri

Here are some questions you may consider asking when you price shop funeral services for you and your family:

1.  Where did you go to school?

2.  How long have you been in the business and what is your background in funeral/cremation services?

3.  Is funeral arrangement/services all that you do or do you work elsewhere?

4.  Who is involved in the care of loved ones and their services and what is their background?

5.  What community service do you perform for our area?  What charity's are you involved in?

6.  What is the toughest case you have ever had and how did you handle it?

7.  Do you promote other local businesses?  Do you "shop local"?

8.  What do you do that is better than the other service providers?  

9.  Are there times you aren't available?  Or can we call any time of day or night and you will be there for us?

10.  Do you help us with things other than the funeral/cremation?  If we need something years down the road?

Don't get caught up in numbers and price lists thinking that is the only thing that should drive a decision as important as handling a funeral or cremation.  Numbers don't reflect the experience.  That's the "value-added" that isn't on a spreadsheet. Feeling like you are part of the process, not just paying for it.  Its about celebrating the life lived, not dwelling on dealing with the costs.  No matter what level of service fits your budget, Million Taylor's funeral directors give you the same comfort factor regardless.  

At Million Taylor, we are part of our community every day.  We see our customers at the store, at the doctor, at school events because we are a part of our local area.  We give back to the community that gives to us.  We strive to make you and your family feel a part of our's and know you can count on us to be there when you need us. Because we want you to feel well taken care of.  We would, so why shouldn't you expect that of your funeral home?  We are a family owned business that have its owners actually live on site so they are ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our kids go to school with your's, we shop at the same stores, and we all are a part of the same community.  Our owners are ONLY committed to the funeral business and its not a side-job or second-job for them at all.

Call and make an appointment today at 660-263-0234 to discuss the comfort and family atmosphere at Million Taylor.  Christy would be happy to meet you, give you a tour of our facilities, and guide you through the process of pre-planning.  Your family will be glad you did.


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