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Comparison Shopping 101 - The Terminology of Planning Funeral or Cremation Services

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Welcome back to our series on comparison shopping of funeral/cremation services.  In our last installment, we covered feeling comfortable with your provider and asking questions that tell more about the provider than pricing.  In the second blog of the series, we will cover one of the tricks used by providers to sway your thinking about cost.

Technical jargon.  Sure, if someone starts throwing around really technical terms, it gives a false sense of having a lot of knowledge on a given subject.  Its really impressive, but does it just mean they are trying to get you to think they have expertise that they don't because they can throw some terms out that you may not understand?  That can be the case and if they figure that you won't push further on it, that they can dazzle you with terminology.  If a funeral director can actually describe things in "layman's" terms, then they are genuinely knowledgeable.  Being able to translate to someone outside the industry what they need to know for their purchasing decisions is that "something extra" that years of experience brings to the table.

You should feel comfortable talking to a funeral director that talks in plain terminology and explains what things really mean in common language.  You shouldn't have to leave a consultation and Google search what you were just told to get to what was really said. Having a relationship with your funeral director ensures that you not only get what you want, but understand what you are getting.  The price may sound right, but are you really getting everything you want for your service?  

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If you are asking about something because you aren't sure about it, your funeral director should be more than happy to discuss it with you until you are both in agreement on what a term is, what a package includes (or doesn't), or any other aspect of what is on the table to discuss.  An experienced funeral director works with you so that they understand what you want, and can make sure that you understand what you are getting.  You shouldn't feel rushed during the consultation or feel like you are bothering someone asking questions.  

There are websites available where you as a consumer can become more familiar with terminology used before scheduling a consultation.  There is a lot of information and different ideas out there, but speaking to a trained funeral director can make learning what you need to know more personal and less overwhelming of a task.  Funeral directors guide you through every detail of the process and business to handle during a time of grief and loss.  That is why pre-planning is such an important part of the process.

By pre-planning, you can:

-learn what you need to about the process

-learn what you need to gather to have ready when the time comes

-pre-purchase your services so they are taken care of for your family

-develop a relationship with your funeral director so that you can have an on-going discussion of care

-share with your loved ones your wishes so that they aren't left guessing 

-manage costs through the guidance of your funeral director

-have peace of mind that things are in place so that those left behind will be taken care of for you

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Million Taylor's funeral directors enjoy what they do and their service to families in our community.  Because they have made a career of their craft, they can talk plainly and candidly with you and your family about every aspect of planning your services.  They will guide you through each step and each product and build a celebration that suits your family's traditions, beliefs, and budgets.  They don't believe in serving the individual, but serving the family.  That's why they strive to make our customers feel at home here.  

If you'd like to start building a relationship with Christy and our staff today, call 660-263-0234.  We can schedule some time to sit, have a cup of coffee, and get your planning started.

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