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Comparison Shopping 101 - Padded Ratings and Reviews and Gauging Word of Mouth Referrals

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Hello!  Last time on our blog, we discussed comparing apples to oranges and how bottom line pricing doesn't always reflect entirely what you get for that money spent.  We hope you are getting some good information on what comparison price shopping can mean to your funeral service purchasing and how it can affect your planning.  In number four of our series,  we will go in depth on how to prepare to choose the funeral home you come to trust and who to trust with your funeral or cremation needs.

Million Taylor Funeral Homes Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri

We've touched on asking the funeral director questions so you get an idea of their background in the funeral industry.  Let's take a closer look at how you choose your funeral home and what should weigh in on that decision.  This can be a strange and overwhelming process that people think one sentence covers:  "How much is a simple funeral?"  If only it were that simple an answer.  Let's explore what goes into pre-planning and what it should mean to you.

The sink is backed up.  You cannot get it to drain no matter how much liquid drain cleaner you pour down it nor how long you plunge it in hopes of the clog giving way.  You may be tempted to take that elbow off the pipe below, but you have seen those videos on you turn to the Google search and start thinking plumbers.  

Sure there are four of them in town, and sure they probably all do the same kind of plumbing, but how do you pick which one to unstop your sink:


-How fast they can get it done?  

-Are they local or a national chain?

-Is it a side business or primary business?  

-Have your neighbors used them and thought they did a good job?  

-Do they have a good online rating/reviews?  

So many things that you can weigh in the decision...let's take them one at a time....

If a plumber is cheap, that means he'll get it done quick and done right....right?  NO, pricing does not in any way guarantee satisfaction of speed of completion nor a job well done.  There is an old saying "you get what you pay for"...and in the service industry, you can rest assured this is also the case.  Pricing is usually a good indication of level of service provided...and your funeral services are no different.  You may pay a little extra for professional services handled by knowledgeable staff, but do you really want to have a funeral/cremation that matches the price?

Plumber A can be here as soon within the hour, Plumber B will be here by tomorrow. Perhaps you can wait to get a sink unclogged, but can you wait to have your loved one taken care of?  You may pay less for Plumber B to get to you, but is that because he isn't as capable a plumber, so it takes him longer to do other jobs and may not get them done as well as a result?  Something to think about when it comes to the passing of you or a loved one.

So, you think hiring a plumber who does plumbing as a part time business and has a full time job as a local real estate agent full time may save some cash.  The problem here is what is his primary focus?  The full time job that pays the bills, or the part-time job for extra money?  Here you subject yourself to diminished service because its not the primary focus for income as well as not being a primary focus in service.  People who own their own business and it is their primary income are more driven in their focus to provide top-notch customer interactions so that they drive their business to succeed and win repeat business. Those who have other primary sources of income can "take or leave" what they want to provide.  This is probably a cheaper way, but not the best way.

Million Taylor Funeral Home Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri

How does each plumber rate?  Sure we've looked up service providers on any one of a number of websites to see how they have been rated or reviewed by past customers. What to beware of is "padded" ratings.  Most websites do not check out who is doing the review or rating to see their relation to the business or staff.  Let's say Plumber A doesn't have many reviews, although they are all good and Plumber B has 50 that are all above par and all the highest rating available to choose.  It is possible that Plumber A is relying on actual customer feedback while Plumber B is "padding" his statistics by having family and friends post feedback to drive his numbers artificially. Another trick is putting "anonymous" reviews on sites.  If there is no name involved, either they don't exist, or didn't consent to their views being used.  Either way, a shady business practice, which usually means you should make a pass on hiring them.  

Million Taylor Funeral Homes Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri

Word of mouth can be the same way; if all you hear is "everyone uses (blank) because they are the cheapest"....what is that really saying about their services?  The statement doesn't address that a family felt well taken care of, or that they felt that it was easy and memorable, just that it was cheap. That statement should tell someone all they need to know about the level of service they should expect.  The cheapest.  You spend a little to make sure a wedding, an anniversary, or any of life's celebrations are the most memorable and enjoyable ever, why not have that same mindset when it comes to planning a funeral?

Just like you don't want some guy from Craigslist fixing your plumbing, you wouldn't want just anyone taking care of your loved one.  Schedule and appointment and make a plan for a caring and complete service handled by seasoned professionals.  Trust and compassion aren't taken lightly at Million Taylor Funeral Homes.  Our staff work hard to provide services above and beyond so that the word of mouth you hear is "the staff was great, the services were beautiful, and we were so pleased...." instead of "well, they were the cheapest". Call and make an appointment today and see how we can help you plan your services your way.  660-263-0234.


Million Taylor Funeral Home Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri



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