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Comparison Shopping 101 - Shopping for Funeral Services Recap and Review

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FIVE!  In our final blog of our series "Comparison Shopping 101", we will recap some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing a funeral home to provide your celebration of life.  

Million Taylor Funeral Homes Moberly Missouri Funeral Cremation

There is alot more to picking a funeral home than just cost:

-You are picking where your family and friends will gather to say goodbye and reminisce

-You are deciding on staff you trust to handle your loved one and their possessions 

-You are choosing how to celebrate a life lived, whether its a traditional or non-traditional way

-Whether or not to cremate or bury you or your loved one

-Who you can trust them to handle unforeseen issues

-Who can make the experience smooth so that you and your family have less standing between you and your grieving process

-Who can handle any type of grieving process and help ease them by handling services in the most professional manner possible

-Who you trust to have the background and experience to make you or your loved one look their best

-Who has the most product knowledge, regulation knowledge, etc., to guide you properly in the process

-Who will handle your services in the same professional level of integrity and dignity no matter what budget you have to work with

-And so much more....

Some things to address when  you consult a funeral director about hiring their funeral home:

-Their background and training:  Treat it like an interview and find out more about them and how they got to where they are in the industry.

-Their business:  Ask questions about the business, its history, its vision, its goals.

-Their track record:  Vet their references carefully and beware "padded" ratings/reviews.

-Compare total pricing:  Remember that the end price may be cheaper with discounts than cheaper prices with per cents off.  Always add down to the bottom line including taxes.

-What do they offer that other places do not?:  Do they have a coffee service or beverage service free to your guests? Free products for those who qualify?

-Ask for a tour of their facilities:  Is it pristine?  Are the grounds well kept?  Does it feel stiff or inviting?  

It is important to not just think of the process as buying a product, but buying an experience.  You are buying trust, compassion, knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy.  You are hiring someone to not only handle you or your loved one in the most honorable way possible, but to take care of your family and friends as honored guests and making them feel comfortable and well taken care of in their time of grief.  You are buying access to years of training and experience that you can find nowhere else.  The type of funeral directors that have worked their whole life in service to others; someone to whom this is a way of life, not a job.  Who treat your family and friends as their own instead of just patrons.

Million Taylor Funeral Homes Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri

Million Taylor Funeral Homes Funeral Cremation Moberly Missouri

We hope that this blog series will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to your funeral service needs.  As you can see, the simple question "how much does a simple funeral/cremation cost?" is not as simple as it seems.  We invite you to take this opportunity to visit our facility and staff and ask our directors the tough questions. Schedule a visit or drop by today so Christy can go over our services and product lines with you.  Contact us at 660-263-0234 or 320 S. Williams St., Moberly, Missouri.

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