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Million Taylor Funeral Homes Host Event For Alzheimer's

Lisa Field



MOBERLY - The Light Up the Sky for Alzheimer's event was inspired by one funeral home owner's experience in the death care business. 

Christy Coulston owns Million Taylor Funeral Homes in Moberly, and the event will be hosted at the home on Thursday night.  

Coulston is a volunteer community educator for the Mid-Missouri chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and she said she wants to help anyone dealing with an Alzheimer's diagnosis for themselves or a loved one.

One in nine people 65 or older has Alzheimer's disease, according to the association.

While there is no cure for the disease, Coulston said there are plenty of resources available for caregivers, including a 24/7 caregiver helpline. 

"A lot of people just don't know what to do or where to go," Coulston said. She said the cost of taking care of a family member with Alzheimer's can be a major hardship for families, and caregivers usually have to take a leave from their jobs. 

Working with grieiving families inspired Coulston to learn more about the disease and how to help. 

"It became very important to me to go and find out how I could help them get the information they need," Coulston said. 

Nursing home information and caregiver support and resources will be available at the event. 

The event is open and free to the public as a night to learn about awareness and available resources. Anyone interested can meet at the home at 5:30 p.m. 

Donations to the Alzheimer's Association are welcome, and lanterns to honor loved ones can be purchased for $10


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