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Personalized Memorial Candles - As Unique As Your Loved One

Lisa Field

At Million Taylor we offer a service to our customers that isn't offered at other establishments in our area:  Personalized Memorial Candles.  

We bring to you exclusively Crossroads Brand Candle Line in 16 oz and 26 oz jar candles.  Richly scented and made in the USA, we take these candles and create a custom label to memorialize your loved one.  

We can create nearly any motif to reflect a beloved's hobby, favorite flower, occupation...a million ways to customize the backdrop for their picture to be displayed upon.  It also has "In Loving Memory" above the picture and the name, birth and passing date of the beloved on the personalized label.  

The affordable candles can not only be made in numbers for multiple family members at the time of services, but can also be re-ordered as the candle is at the end of its usage.  So we can create any number of combinations or re-create the original candle personalization.  

We do not currently offer this service on our online store, but if you would like to own one, please call us or drop by today.  Even if it has been years, just bring us your favorite photo of your loved one and we'll create a candle that fits your tastes.  

(We can also do them for baby showers, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  Bulk orders [12 or more] need to be placed 3 weeks ahead of an intended delivery date for these types of orders.)

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