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For over 65 years, Million Taylor Funeral Homes has helped families in the Moberly community say farewell to loved ones in a special way. We offer the finest options available to design a personalized, lasting impression of your funeral, cremation or memorial service. Let our caring, experienced funeral directors take care of every aspect to create a service of sophistication; one that truly honors and celebrates the life of your loved one.

In 1947 Marion Million and his wife, Erma founded Million Funeral Home.  They were both Funeral Directors and Embalmers and graduates of the Williams School of Mortuary Science in Kansas City, MO.  In 1962, John Greer and his wife purchased half interest in the Million Funeral Home under the name Million and Greer Funeral Home of Moberly and Million-Burton and Greer Funeral Home in Higbee. 

The ownership of Million-Greer Funeral home changed again when Don Comstock became one of the owners of the funeral home. On August 12, 1971, Mr. Greer sold his interest in the Million Greer and Comstock Funeral Home. In 1973 Mr. Comstock sold his interest of the funeral home and the name was once again Million-Greer Funeral Home until the funeral home was purchased by Bennie and Wilma Taylor in 1978.  Bennie added an additional chapel by purchasing a funeral home in Madison on October 1, 1981 from Jim Thompson and Bob Makler. This made three locations for the Taylors to serve the Moberly, Higbee and Madison communities. 

On April 1, 1987, Million-Taylor Funeral Home merged with the Patton Funeral Home of Huntsville, now offering four funeral homes and operating under the new name of Million-Taylor-Patton Funeral  Homes and operated this way until August 2002,  when the Taylor's and the Pattons split and the funeral home went back to the name of Million-Taylor. 

Bennie Taylor passed away in 2006 and the funeral home was placed in a trust until it could be sold.  Wilma Taylor passed away in 2008 and the Funeral Home remained for sale until the recent purchase in 2013.

While the funeral home with regards to ownership has changed, the constant care and dedication to the community has remained the same.  We continue today to provide exceptional service for the families we serve, delivered in a meaningful, compassionate and professional manner.


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