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Celebration Ashes By Glass Eye Studio

Choose a memorial piece of art that is truly as unique and beautiful as a diamond or a snowflake...and no two are just alike:

Million Taylor Funeral Homes are glad to announce we have available to our customers Celebration Ashes Product line by Glass Eye Studio®.  The line is produced by a family business located in Seattle, Washington. We are proud to offer a "Made in the USA" product line of such high quality and unique beauty to those we serve.  Glass Eye Studio is the premier supplier of cremation ash memorials in the United States, and has produced over 12,000 glass memorials infused with cremation ash since 1978.

Everything produced by Glass Eye Studio® is made by hand by their artists in a private studio in Seattle.  Great pride and care is taken in producing consistent, high-quality, and beautiful art glass pieces. They have been making art glass for nearly 40 years. 

Some facts about Celebration Ashes you may not know:

-Each creation takes one tablespoon for each memorial to be made.

-They have produced over 12,000 memorials over the last four years. Not one shipment has been lost. 

-Collection tins are carefully monitored when they arrive at the studio; they do not leave the building. During production, each piece is stamped or engraved with ID marks for perfect identification. Glass Eye Studio have produced over 12,000 memorials over the past four years with a perfect tracking record.

 -Your loved one's ashes appear as a white/grey ribbon in the piece.

-Single memorials can be created from a mixture of two different individual's ashes. However, less than a tablespoon of ash is used from each individual's ashes, so combining ash means there will be a little less of each one inside the piece.

-Memorials can be created with pet ashes. Remember a beloved pet with a keepsake that is unique and loving.  A true work of art.

-Orders are generally delivered  within two to three weeks after ashes have been received by Glass Eye Studio.

Here is a video on the process:





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